1. Bureaucracy-Free
  2. We Are Remote
  3. Lean
  4. Fast Growth
  5. Team First
  6. Unified Field
  7. Kaizen
  8. Customer Success
  9. Always Young


We have created a business to provide anti-bureaucratic solutions. We want an environment without paper everywhere, without an endless sequence of approvals. We know that restrictions are necessary, but we avoid them as much as we can. Remember: there is always a new way to do anything.

We Are Remote

Our dream has always been to work from wherever we want. We believe that people can be even more productive if they are where they want to be. The freedom of choice is the soul of our business. It is what drives us and makes us different.


In the speed of our system of things, in addition to eliminating bureaucracy, we need to be lean and respond to the demands of our time. Thinking *lean* means thinking that you and one more colleague can be a team and can launch a new idea in one week.

Fast Growth

We are a fast-growing group. We are focused on helping as many businesses and people as possible with our solutions. Growing fast means always being ready for a challenge, for the next goal. It means being constantly dissatisfied with the *status quo*, with the way things are. We never stop.

Team First

We are Marfin-first. We cannot take care of our clients if we don't look inside first. How are you today? How is your team today? Take care of yourself and what is important to you, mentally and physically. Our clients will be very satisfied if they have a happy team to work with them.

Unified Field

We are a group of businesses that create solutions for problems we consider important and that are important to our partners and society. All of Marfin's businesses and products should interact with each other. We create solutions that complement each other and together transform the world. We are an interconnected body that learns and improves every day.


The term "Kaizen" means continuous improvement. This is one of Marfin's greatest competencies. What we did well today can be improved tomorrow and even more the next day. Excellence is an endless and continuous journey.

Customer Success

We put ourselves in our customer's shoes and always seek to learn in order to help build solutions. We aim to be their main business partner and empathy must prevail. We spare no effort to solve a problem that is presented to us as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Always Young

The youthful spirit is what makes us challenge the *status quo*, the way things are done. We have people of all ages with the same desire to learn, to change the world and do things differently. We are always happy, but never satisfied.


Always Learning

The habit of always learning. Continuously seeking knowledge to improve ourselves. This spirit requires an open mind and humility to find and correct mistakes, and the understanding that everyone can teach us something.


The habit of going beyond. We don't limit ourselves to our circle of influence and to doing only what is asked. We want to develop the ability to always deliver beyond expectations, to overdeliver. For society, partners, investors, clients, and collaborators.


The habit of taking action. Rolling up our sleeves and doing our best with what we have. The ball doesn't always come perfectly, but we know we can make the most of every situation to score the goal. We also know that, in order to score the goal, we need to take the shot.