Helping talented people make a living off of what they love.

This purpose guides every one of the company's actions, internally ou externally, reaching customers, suppliers, partners and squads. Our wish is that, by being in touch and staying with us, each person can feel closer and closer to making a living off of what they love doing.


Fulfilling our purpose through technological solutions

Facilitating the discovery of your talent, allowing you to earn a living from it, whether you are an entrepreneur or an independent professional.


Being the the world's leading channel building, validating and scaling platform.

We noticed that one of the main difficulties of a business is making its value proposal reach potential customers who can meet, evaluate, hire, receive, and have post-purchase support. That's why we want to be the platform that offers channel creation and integration.


Marfin's values define our motivations, the guidelines that guide us and keep us active in the market, always focused on a goal to be achieved. It involves the philosophy that we develop, apply, respect and wish to cultivate every day.

Values that connect with people


"Working together" or simply "helping". We work along other squads, professionals, and companies.


We are digital, global and united by a culture of working remotely, autonomy, projects, marketing, sales, digital, which strives to be above mediocrity.


We unite, we connect. We want to connect our team with our partners and clients, connect professionals with clients, clients with professionals, partners with clients and partners with professionals.


Agreement, unity between professionals, clients, educational institutions, infoproducers with the same purpose: helping people make a living off of what they love.


All those involved in Marfin, clients, professionals, and partners, without any type of discrimination, have the right to access the actions our company represents.

Values that encourage discovery


Creating paths or strategies different from the usual means, to achieve goals. To innovate is to invent, whether that be ideas, processes, tools or services.


Changing the way marketing and sales are built into business models and drive efficiencies. We are guided by transformation. Marfin itself has been transformed. In 2019, we 'killed' our own business to enter 2020 with a completely different and better model than the previous one. We are causing transformations that impact independent professionals from different activities, agencies, startups, small businesses, managers, infoproducers, educational institutions, society... and we want more. That's why we use “go beyond'. We must go further, provoking transformations that help people make a living off of what they love.


We are curious and eagerly want to see, hear, know and learn more about employees's activities, professionals' activities, new skills, markets, customers' business models, discovering how we contribute to the efficiency of our customers and partners.


From a hypothesis, we must act to validate or discard an innovation as quickly as possible, doing the best we can with the conditions we have, while we don't have the conditions to do even better. Don't be afraid to experiment and fail. We value ideas, their application, testing and validation, be it positive or negative. Go beyond, always!

Values that generate stability and growth


Having a lot of knowledge in an area and being willing to share this knowledge with the company, professionals, clients, people, teams and communities.


Looking closely at your work and attitudes, noticing them and continually seeking improvement through constructive self-criticism.


It is through processes that we generate gains and achieve high performance for the organization, customers, and partners in a consistent way and with a greater degree of confidence. The process must guide and be continuously improved, so that the performance of that task is 99.9% reliable.


We have the ability, intelligence and talent to create, invent or make innovations that benefit employees, partners, customers and professionals.


Having an idea or notion of something through the search for reliable information about a skill, market, strategy, methodology.


What if Marfin was a person? What attributes would we like our stakeholders to see clearly in us?


We are always ready to help employees, partners, customers, and professionals, regardless of our roles and positions.


We are prepared to transcend the geopolitical divide that is inherent to the national citizenships of different states and sovereign countries, by collaborating globally.


We are driven by the intense desire to see, hear, and learn more about employees's activities, professionals' activities, skills, markets, new technology, processes and improvements.


We have the ability to break patterns and traditions, to change the way marketing and sales efficiency is effected.


We transform ideas, what is in the imaginary, the fantastic, the dreamed model, into something real.


We are the link, the intermediaries to drive marketing and sales efficiency through the value delivered by independent professionals.


We are the drive that makes people take action to achieve their goals.


We do not conform to mediocrity and bureaucratic models. We want to radically transform the lives of people who work with digital services for the better and contribute to making marketing accessible to any business.