Affiliate Program

Earn extra income by selling digital marketing services.

Become a Marfin affiliate and increase your earnings by sharing your link with those who need digital marketing services

Become a Marfin Affiliate

How It Works

Sign up to our platform:

Fill out the information and complete your profile to become a Marfin Affiliate

Choose the services you want to promote:

You can create your links directly from the services in your dashboard.

Promote and earn money:

Just post your link in your WhatsApp groups and social media. You earn a commission of up to 10% per sale.

Become a Marfin Affiliate

Who is this program for?

For Marketers who want to create a new source of income by referring services to their colleagues.

For Freelancers who want to increase their income by recommending services to their clients.

For people who want to make extra money by selling digital marketing services. Simply send your link to your groups and friends.

Become a Marfin Affiliate

Sign Up. Pick your services. Promote and earn.

On Marfin, there are hundreds of services available for you to refer to those who need them. We have websites, content for blogs, Google campaigns, social media design, and over 100 other services.

Become a Marfin Affiliate

What do you have to do?

To succeed as a Affiliate, you need to find the best opportunity to refer services to those who need them.

Remember that person in your family who needs a business card? Or that friend who needs a website? Maybe that Facebook group where they ask for referrals for articles?

All these are opportunities to share your unique link and earn when someone uses it to hire a service.

Become a Marfin Affiliate

A Revolution in the Affiliate Market

The Marfin Affiliate program is very innovative. Now you can be a part of it.

You may already know people who sell online courses as affiliates. Now, you can sell digital marketing services and earn money doing it.


Cases of Use


Refer a Website Creation service and earn over BRL $200:

By sharing your affiliate link with people who need a website, you can earn over BRL $200 simply by referring.


Earn over BRL $100 by sharing your link with people who need social media marketing:

If you send your link to people who need to create posts for social media, you can earn over BRL $100 for a simple referral.

The easiest extra money you will make today

It's easy. Simple. Quick. Money in the bank.

Your commissions go straight to your digital wallet on the Marfin platform and you can make withdrawals every month!

Start promoting now!