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An all-in-one platform for independent professionals.

We help you turn your skills into sources of income, providing you with a channel where you will find opportunities, share your portfolio, advertise your skills, sell, deliver, and serve clients, all in one place.

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How to find jobs?

Marfin offers an all-in-one platform with multiple types of jobs. From one-time projects on demand to custom long term ones. Our goal is to help talented professionals make a living doing what they love, offering tools and opportunities in the best possible way. Here's how we do it:

Marfin On-Demand™

You will receive opportunities on the platform to which you can apply according to your registered profile. To make sure you're chosen, you need to have experience in the client's industry, a set of skills that match the project and a good portfolio.

When you are hired, you gain access to the briefing, client information, requirements and deadlines. You don't need to sell, provide customer support, negotiate and collect your payment, because Marfin takes care of that. Your only concern is carrying out the project with quality and delivering it.

Marfin Select™

The client opens a personalized short-term opportunity. You create a proposal with price, deadline, and the amount of reviews/adjustments you would offer for that project.

With the proposals in hand, the client selects the professional, purchases their service, and the demand opens on Marfin's platform for both to carry out the project with all the necessary resources.

Marfin Squads™

A company hires you with dedicated and exclusive hours, to work directly with them in long-term projects. It can be remote or on-site, full-time or part-time, with specific work hours, for a pre-determined period of 3 to 24 months.

The client makes a project offer and Marfin chooses three professionals suitable for the project. If you're chosen, we'll contact you to create and present your proposal. The client chooses the professional, hires and welcomes them to the company to fulfill the project's demands, while Marfin offers legal support to both parties.

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