Marfin Portfolio

Showcase Your Talent. All Your Work in One Place.

If you are a professional on the Marfin platform, you can create your portfolio. Beyond just a resume, you can showcase your skills, areas of expertise, activities you engage in, and all the work you have done.

How does it work?

Creating your portfolio is very easy:


Access the Marfin platform with your username and password


Click on “Portfólio”


Upload your best samples of design, copywriting, websites, and other types of projects.


Complete your profile to increase your chances of standing out

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You can showcase your professional qualities as if it were a résume, with a more visual presentation for recruiters.


You can create portfolio items in various formats, including text, images, carousels, audio, and video, with the possibility of embedding them.


For each portfolio item, you can integrate activity tags, skill tags, and segment tags, making it easier for clients to search for specific services.

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