Service Shop™

Sell your own services through the portfolio: offer a payment, collection and support experience to your clients.

Service Shop™ is a complete tool for you to offer your services and sell to your client in installments, with our entire structure to better serve you.

How does it work?

In order to sell, you need to be a registered professional on Marfin's website and create your portfolio on the platform. There, you can register your services, customize your résume information and insert previous jobs as references. The more complete your profile, the greater your chances of selling.

The client chooses the desired service and is directed to the checkout page, where they can make the payment via bank slip or credit card in up to 3 installments.

After the payment is complete, the project is created on the platform. The client gets started on the service briefing and both can use our chat system for support and customer service.

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A Complete Platform

You can sell projects with a standard or custom scope and Marfin provides you with the platform, so you can organize and centralize demands from your clients.

Easy payment options for your client

Clients can pay for your services in up to 3 installments through Marfin's platform.

Sell Link

An exclusive link for you to share your portfolio and your services anywhere. Companies will be able to hire from you directly.


Guaranteed advance payment from the client and, right after the delivery of hired projects, Marfin credits your professional wallet for withdrawal.


You will also have access to our knowledge tracks, to further increase your expertise in the professional market and improve your portfolio.


We have a complete Help Center to answer all of your questions. If you need to get in touch with Marfin, you can use our platform's chat to contact us directly.

Start selling your services through the our portfolio now!

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