Marfin Squads™

Hire dedicated marketing professionals for your business. You are simply the manager, we take care of the rest.

Marfin Squads™ is perfect for companies and managers who want to have a closely dedicated marketing team, but can't increase their staff base. We assign qualified professionals ready to work exclusively for your business, so you won't have to go through the bureaucracy of standard hiring procedures.


Describe the opportunity

Define the necessary activities and skills for the professional or team you want for your company.



We present 3 professionals from each activity that will integrate your team, so that you can interview and decide.



The professional or team will be under you management and we will take care of the rest.

We help you recruit highly qualified marketing professionals for your team, using the best of technology and human curation.

Hire Squads' Professionals

Hiring Flexibility

It is possible to hire a single person or have an entire marketing team at your disposal in just a few days.

You choose how many hours of work you need from the professional, whether it's part-time or full-time, and the amount of week days you prefer.

No more bureaucracy

Marfin is responsible for taking care of the professional's payment, time management, performance, and contract documentation.

You don't have to create an Individual Development Plan (IDP), have feedback meetings, training or manage the professional's career. Through our technology, we can find the right talent to get started right away.

Perfect for those who are looking to:

Hire professionals remotely or in person for specific demands.

Find highly qualified professionals for your projects

Simply manage demands, without the need for human resources (HR)

Assemble teams quickly, without ties and bureaucracy

Hire Squads' Professionals

5 reasons why you should use Marfin Squads™

We work exclusively with Legal Entity professionals, with experience in your field and proven skills.

You cut down financial costs, recruitment time and ensure expense predictability, since the amount is fixed by contract and there are no labor charges.

The final decision is yours: we present 3 professionals and you decide which one will integrate your team.

If any unpredictable situation comes up, you can count on Marfin's support team to mediate and resolve the issue.

Security: The professional's payment is only sent when you evaluate the delivery, ensuring execution.

Check out some testimonials from satisfied customers

Everton Pinheiro


Everton Pinheiro

O trabalho da Marfin surpreendeu pela rapidez e qualidade da entrega realizada.

Lucas Schust


Lucas Schust
SHI MedPassei

Simplesmente a MELHOR! Recomendo de olhos fechados, profissionalismo e excelência em tudo que fazem!

Paulo Dubberstein Main


Paulo Dubberstein Main
Agência Sanctus

Minha primeira vez que trabalhei com uma empresa de marketing de conteúdo. Fiquei muito satisfeito com esta primeira experiência, já na expectativa para o próximo trabalho.

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